Réveillez le hacker qui sommeille en vous avec Watch Dogs !

It is probably unnecessary to remind you that hacking is a « hot topic. » See, for example, the commotion caused by Edward Snowden …
With Watch Dogs , Ubisoft has released an explosive open world game that takes place in the city of Chicago. Yes, it is indeed explosive … and will be preferably reserved for an audience of at least 18;-)
For some, Watch Dogs deserves its place among other heavyweights such as Grand Theft Auto . The main character of the game is Aiden Pearce, a gifted hacker can hack almost anything that is connected to the CTOS system of Chicago.

Gamer Journal summed up the experience Watch Dogs:
« Watch Dogs is a good title, which should convince fans of open world hesitant to opt for next-gen. And if the studio has succeeded to provide a different gameplay and a compelling Chicago, some shortcomings have trouble passing in 2014. Aiden Pearce is certainly not revolutionary adventure, but it happens a good time with him. The high life of the title (offline and online) will forget many small faults, starting with a lower initial promise graphics rendering. An invigorating action game, including an even more ambitious result is expected.  »

Source: JournalduGamer.com

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